Proveedores de Hojalata en Reino Unido

The United Kingdom steel industry has reached its revenue goal of £2.0 billion in 2020. The gross value added (GVA) represents 0.1 percent of the country’s economic output. It represents 1.2 percent of manufacturing revenue. Today, United Kingdom has over 1,100 businesses representing the UK steel industry. Find out the best tinplate supplier in UK.

List of Tinplate Suppliers in UK

Bellingham Steel & Tinplate Ltd

Dirección: Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom

Founded in 1987, Bellingham Steel & Tinplate Ltd. is a supplier of prime tinplate to domestic and global mills. It operates as a QAS International ISO 9001:2008-registered company.

Bellingham Steel takes pride in its premium electrolytic tinplate, which is a product of the electrodeposition of mild and low-carbon steel. Their tinplate sheets have a width of 200 to 1100mm and a length of 1100mm. The tinplate coils have a width of 4 to 1196 mm. Both sheets and coils have a thickness of 0.18 to 0.60 mm and coatings of 2.8 to 11.2 gr/mm2.

Their electrolytic tinplate is used for stationery, packing, badges, the motor trade, bakeware, and component manufacturing.

William King Limited

Dirección: West Bromwich, Reino Unido

William King Ltd. was formed by Edmund Boughton in 1820. Since then, it has diversified into steel and iron warehousing, tinplate production, and trading. The company was acquired by William King in 1905. In 1917, it was bought by Henry William Morley after the death of King in 1905.

Today, William King Ltd. supplies tinplates that are 100 percent recyclable. These tinplates are available in various surface finishes and tin coating weights. They are made of low-carbon mild steel, which has a tin coating.

The company takes pride in its polymer-coated tinmill products that have superior performance against corrosion. They come in aesthetically appealing surface and coating thicknesses.


Dirección: Londres, Reino Unido

Tincore has been a distributor of top-notch steel and iron brands since its establishment in 2019. It has collaborated with leading local and European iron and steel companies to give its loyal customers satisfaction. They have a large warehouse to stock tinplates and tin-free steel.

Tincore’s tinplate steel sheets and coils have excellent corrosion resistance as both sides have a coating of pure tin. The strength of tinplate is formidable, aside from its visually appealing surface.

These tinplates and steel sheets are ideal materials for metal packaging in food manufacturing, beauty, and hygienic industries. The tinplates are available in various surface finishes, widths, lengths, and coatings.

William Corbett & Company

Dirección: Ammanford SA, South Wales, UK

William Corbett & Company is engaged in coated and metal steel sheets. William Corbett established it in 1863. In 1880, a new owner acquired the company. This family business has played a vital role in the United Kingdom’s tinplate industry.

As a supplier, it has a large warehouse in South Wales. They have a wide collection of premium-quality tinplate strips, sheets, narrow coils, and blanks. This UKAS ISO 9001:2008-accredited company offers customers various coatings and dimensions of tinplates.

The maximum sheet width is 1160 mm, while the minimum sheet width is 510mm. The minimum strip width is 68 mm. The thickness is 0.12mm to 0.40 mm, with a cutting accuracy of +/- 0.4mm.


Which tinplate supplier is the best on our list? William King Ltd. is highly recommended due to its untarnished record of supplying high-quality tinplates in the United Kingdom. Its operation spans over a hundred years! William King ensures that their tinplates are 100 percent recyclable and are made of low-carbon mild steel with a tin coating.

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